IoT Devices registration and conditions.

Created this video to teach my students about IoT Registration server, IoT Devices registration, and conditions.

Microsoft Speech Recognition - New Achievement

Microsoft speech recognition reached new goal.following are the features

  1. as good as you at hearing what people are saying
  2. “word error rate” of 5.9 percent
  3. used Microsoft’s open-source Computational Network Toolkit
for full details Read this link

DDOS app Mirai

To download source code for a powerful DDOS app Mirai, which is very useful for research, especially on IoTs.Click this link

Facts about computer security

Why ProtonMail?

We all give importance to our privacy,but how many of us are aware that all our personal data can be used by different internet giants like Facebook,gmail etc.
All our personal data are sold to advertising companies for billion dollars.
Email communication is used by everyone,since all your personal data are stored in third party server along with secret keys, you have more chance for your personal data leakage.
After watching  this TED talk, I immediately signed a new account to have encrypted email communication using ProtonMail.
All the features of ProtonMail are excellent.
Now i am waiting for their invite.

Listen more than 60 million songs using Atraci

Want to listen music free,then install Atraci.It is an free application to listen more than 60 million songs.
Click Atraci to download.
Happy listening

Telegram messaging app

Hi all switch to Telegram messaging app,its really cool.I recommend this app for the following reasons.
Telegram Messaging app is 
  • Private
  • Cloud-Based
  • Fast
  • Distributed
  • Open
  • Free
  • Secure and powerful
Telegram Messaging app enables you to connect,coordinate,synchronize,encrypt,destruct,store and build.
So enjoy installing this app for your mobile,desktop and tablets.
click Telegram Messaging app to download

How to find which devices are connected to your wifi network easily

We are most of the time worried about our wifi network security,because there are more chance for the hackers to get your wifi password and use your wifi without your knowledge.Stop worrying,use Fing tool in your Android smartphone to find which devices are connected to your wifi network to install Fing

Easy way to find possibility for heart attack

Prevention is better than cure.Even after preventing lot of bad things,we have the chance of getting heart attack.check this website to predict the possibility for heart attack.

50 ways to get a job

hi all
getting a job or changing your job is always not easy.
you need to know about your dreams,purpose,your current skills,skills required.
i found this website very interesting,i hope you will get more related to this subject.
Keep moving