http://www.masswerk.at/jsuix/ UNIX shell in your browser

Web 2.0 toolbar

http://www.web20toolbar.com/ Once linked to your browser (IE or Firefox), many of the popular Web 2.0 services can be accessed right away. Without moving from the current page, you can post on to your favorite social book marking services and read the latest postings on them as well.


http://www.groowe.com/ Groowe comes bundled with toolbars containing several popular search services that include Google, Yahoo, MSN, Amazon, Del.icio.us, Digg, Wikipedia and so on. Once connected to your browser, Groowe can be easily converted to the toolbar of your favourite search service.

Tamil Wikipedia

http://ta.wikipedia.org -- Encyclopedia in Tamil

Tamil Search and Typing

http://www.jaffnalibrary.com/tools/google.htm --- nice way to search in tamil

http://www.jaffnalibrary.com/tools/Unicode.htm --- Tamil Typing

Mobile Stuff

www.mobango.com -- variety of mobile stuffs

Google Codes


http://code.google.com/ -- nice way to search source code


www.blogswara.com -- nice music composed by online bloggers

Search Blogs

http://blogsearch.google.com/ -- good for searching blogs

Mobile forum

www.bestmobileforum.com --- very much useful for mobile stuffs