Google CSE implementations lists out new Google CSE implementations.

Kosmix meant for specific subject domain


ProProfs WebSchool , a user generated tutorial directory, where you can find links to various on-line tutorials on technical subjects, may serve as a good resource for picking up computing skills.

Slide Share

Slide Share the on-line service, developed for enabling netizens share/discover slide shows on different subjects


Swivel is user-powered service, where users can upload/share the content. Here, you can upload any data, explore it graphically and share it with others.

good place to locate several open content sources.


When you invoke a search, you can specify whether it is for shopping or research or both. Another feature is the subject-specific clustering of the results. For instance, if you start a search on statistics, the service presents you categories such as `Statistics online,' `Glossary of statistics,' `Stats' and `Math Statistics.'

Google Notebook search

Google Notebook helps us easily clip web content, add notes or comments and store it online. Also, one can make her notebook public and share the contents with others. Now, Google has started a search service for finding information available on public notebooks.

Alongside the usual search output (results are similar to those of Google, but each is numbered), the service provides options to get search output from blog, image and video sites as well.