http://www.masswerk.at/jsuix/ UNIX shell in your browser

Web 2.0 toolbar

http://www.web20toolbar.com/ Once linked to your browser (IE or Firefox), many of the popular Web 2.0 services can be accessed right away. Without moving from the current page, you can post on to your favorite social book marking services and read the latest postings on them as well.


http://www.groowe.com/ Groowe comes bundled with toolbars containing several popular search services that include Google, Yahoo, MSN, Amazon, Del.icio.us, Digg, Wikipedia and so on. Once connected to your browser, Groowe can be easily converted to the toolbar of your favourite search service.

Tamil Wikipedia

http://ta.wikipedia.org -- Encyclopedia in Tamil

Tamil Search and Typing

http://www.jaffnalibrary.com/tools/google.htm --- nice way to search in tamil

http://www.jaffnalibrary.com/tools/Unicode.htm --- Tamil Typing

Mobile Stuff

www.mobango.com -- variety of mobile stuffs

Google Codes


http://code.google.com/ -- nice way to search source code


www.blogswara.com -- nice music composed by online bloggers

Search Blogs

http://blogsearch.google.com/ -- good for searching blogs

Mobile forum

www.bestmobileforum.com --- very much useful for mobile stuffs


http://www.clickcaster.com/ podcast creation tool

On-line database

http://lazybase.com - The free service Lazybase lets you create/share a database on your browser with a few mouse clicks. To create a database, just provide your e-mail address and database name and push the `create' button. The service will send you two links: one for administering your database and the other for public viewing of it. You can create several tables (here items) in a database. An excellent feature of this service is the facility to generate a bookmarklet for entering the data directly from the browser. You can create a data entry bookmarklet that automatically fills up some fields using the information from the page (like selected text, page URL and page title) being viewed.


BarCamp (http://barcamp. org/) is an attempt to conduct a conference in an open-informal and participatory-environment. Here, no one is barred from attending the conference or making a presentation. Complete planning is done through Net based communication tools (blog, IM, e-mail, Wiki and the like) and word of mouth. As the BarCamp kind of conference is conducted in a totally unconventional fashion, it is also known as `Unconference.'

E-mail encoder


An e-mail id listed on a web page has a fair chance of reaching a spammer's hand. However, if the e-mail address can be accommodated in an encrypted form, no spammer will be able to grab it. In this context, the simple on-line application `e-mail riddler' (http://www.dynamicdrive.com/emailriddler/) will come very handy. For an e-mail address, the service offers a short JavaScript program for encrypting it. Paste this code on to your web page, where you want your e-mail address to be displayed.

Freeware list


Cheat sheet collection

http://www.petefreitag. com/item/455.cfm

Graph creation tool


Open access journals


aggregating sites

http://postgeno mic.com/ for life science
http://stockdigg.com/ - financial news


http://www.newsvine.com meant for displaying latest news stories on a range of subjects such as business, politics, science and technology

technology news aggregation/ranking

technology news aggregation/ranking site - http://www.digg.com/

blog links aggregator

blog links aggregator - chuquet.com


tailrank.com - news tracking service



Skyfex helps a registered user (expert) capture your desktop with your consent. For this, first you have to access the service as client (by clicking on the `Get Assistance' button). When you access the SkyFex as a client, it will display a client ID. Using this client ID, your administrator or helpdesk can capture your desktop by logging-in as `Expert'. A simple tool, if you want to monitor the activities on a remote machine.

Imagination Cubed


Allows you to draw pictures from anywhere on the Web



OpenConf software provides facilities for automating various aspects of a conference. The system allows a participant to register and submit abstract/paper with her browser. The software provides total control of the system to the course coordinator, who gets facilities for creating topics, assigning reviewers and interfering with the programme schedule of the conference at will.


The on-line meeting tool Vyew (http://vyew.com/).Vyew helps you start an on-line meeting session where you can invite up to twenty participants.
The service provides a sharable whiteboard where each participant can write/draw in real-time.


search.factbites.com/index.html - we can get better output on specific subject


omgili.com - specialised search services focussing on specific subjects
lexxe.com,brainboost.com - provide direct answers to the user questions

online tutorials



http://help2go.com/ - For getting help/tips on computer related troubles


http://pixel2life.com/ - Tutorial search engine

Technology Tutorials


Virgina Tech

http://courses.cs.vt.edu/~csonline/ - Virgina Tech computer subjects materials

Powerpoint Tutorials

http://www.awesomebackgrounds.com/powerpointtutorials.htm - useful for person using powerpoint

A file Extension resource

http://www.fileinfo.net/ - you can details of a variety of file formats

Blogs on free textbooks

http://www.textbookrevolution.org - for text books and education materials
http://www.intelligentedu.com/blogs/Free_Computer_Books.php - free computer and IT books

Google services

http://googleservicesguide.blogspot.com/ - lists all products and services of Google


http://www.wink.com/ - indexes data from the Net's tagged content sources


http://www.technorati.com/tags/ - services for tracking tags and aggregating tagged content from different online sources


http://sandbox.sourcelabs.com/livemarks/ - scrolls del.icio.us bookmarks as soon as the users post them on to del.icio.us


htpp://immedi.at/ - offers an awesome solution for reading your favourite feeds
in your IM client.


Memorandum - The blog aggregation service
currently Memorandum delivers information from two types of blogs
technlogy - http://tech.memeorandum.com/
politics - http://www.memeorandum.com/


Bookmarklet - A small Javascript program URL,Stored as a bookmark on the browser is called a bookmarklet


http://www.slawesome.com - an online voice mail service that lets us record/send voice messages directly from it


http://boinc.ch/ - provides free shell account of 30 mb, a home page and access to a web server with PHP/MySQL support.

Structured Blogging

http://structuredblogging.org - Aims at providing standard tools for bloggers to post their entries with a form relating to the nature of the posting