Opencourseware Finder - Opencourseware Finder helps you locate such Open courseware with ease.


http://www.streamload. com - It lets you store up to 10 GB for free; but the free account holders cannot download files of size above 10 MB.

On-line word-processors

Zoho - on-line document editor

Mozy - This utility allows you to encrypt/store files on its server for free. To back up data, you need to download the Windows XP based Mozy client

one GB space for free - provides you one GB space for free

G-mail drive - meant for easy upload of files on to your G-mail account


https://www. - meant for easy upload of files on to your G-mail account

Clipboard recorder

jacuba is an online spell checker that you can apply to any text area.

Flock is a free, open source web browser with lot of features

Ning helps us to run our own social application

all info abt india - wonderful web

Online radio

simple voice messaging system to all those who want to speak, and get heard.

my fav wb sites


writely is a nice online word processor

Map for all locations in India

web for freeware

About windows vista

Online Books

fiction books

Tech web sites

A directory of resources, links and other portals. This site was created to display and arrange all bookmarks, useful links and resources collected over the years, sites worthy of a revisit for various reasons, those that may be helpful, inspiring or just plain interesting

short stories from hindu

IEEE Computer Magazines - All 2004 - 2005

Microsoft Office 2003 Super Bible


website which convert images into HTML text

well the website which convert images into HTML text is given below
convert ur images ur self :)

to convert images in html colored text see this link

to convert image in pure text

to convert image into matrixify image

Open Source Collections Libraries in Java

New social bookmarking tool

google features

website for fresher

windows tips

porg ebooks

all advanced books(including dot net)

websites for freshers

free sms to cellone

list of s/w comp address in chennai

website for UML

java interview questions

java games
millions of java ganes

helps us to search in specific web sites