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Widget directories

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Open-Access Text Archive


Ubiquity - FireFox Extension,meant for accessing different on-line services

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zembly helps us to create and host social applications of all shapes and sizes, targeting the most popular social platforms on the web. And, you do it along with other people.


A tool meant for providing summary of the web pages in a search output


Surfcanyon examines the search output, analyses the content and suggests similar sites for each of the links in the search results

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10 Services To Send Text Messages From The Web

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Let Us C - Yashwant Kanetkar

Free Online Thesaurus/Synonym Finder

CyberLink Live

CyberLink Live provides a means of accessing personal media remotely and sharing user-generated content over the Internet. CyberLink Live placeshifts content from a home PC, so users can remotely access their media -- including live TV, video, audio, photos, and work documents on any web-browsing device

William Stallings Computer Architecture PPT

LogMeIn Hamachi - Instant VPN Software for your PC

LogMeIn is FREE, secure remote desktop access to your PC from anywhere. Remotely control the mouse, keyboard and desktop from any computer or PocketPC connected to the internet.

Screencasting Tools

Record, retrieve and analyze your web hops

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